Our History and Major Milestones

Our roots can easily be traced back to 30th May 1848 at Hatton Garden, in the British city of London.

We have since that day, stayed true to our purpose of providing financial security to generations in Britain at first and all over the world today.

We have held certain values at the heart of our operations over the years. The virtues of integrity and prudence are at our finger tips.

We have consistently kept the promises we have made to the millions of customers that trust us to help them provide financial security to their families. We have covered millions of valid claims over the period of our continued existence, most notable among all these was the sinking of the Titanic on 4th April 1912 that resulted in the loss of 1,500 lives. We had, by June 1912, paid £14,239 in claims to 324 lives.

We pride ourselves in the prompt payment of claim to enable immediate help in the face of emergency and this is central in our customer service principles.

Even though we started to scale down our operations in Africa due to political and regulatory change in the countries in which we were operating, we returned to Africa in 2014 with the opening of our operations in Uganda.

Today, over 24 million customers Europe, Asia, North America and Africa trust us to help them keep the promises they have made to their families, through the provision of long-term financial security.

Over 170 years of honouring claims all around the Globe

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Our Journey so Far

Our roots can easily be traced back to 30th May 1848 at Hatton Garden, in the British city of London. This day brought forth Prudential Mutual Assurance, Investment and Loan Association.

Prudential began to expand its operations overseas during the 1920s. Our first branch outside of the British borders was established in India, in 1923 and our entry into the United States happened in 1986.


Prudential started to operate in Africa in 1930, our first base of operations was on Johannesburg, South Africa in 1931. Our first branch office in East Africa was established in Nairobi, Kenya in 1931.


Our first life policy in Africa was written on the life of W.M.S Magambo in Uganda in 1932. He was able to collect the proceeds of his policy in 1962, he later became our first African agent in 1963.


Our entry into the United States happened


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Prudential Uganda is regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda, whose main responsibility among others, is to ensure that insurance companies honour claims. Furthermore, Prudential Uganda is a subsidiary of Prudential plc, UK, a company that has been honouring claims for over 175 years.

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