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What Is Health Insurance

What is the need, or why you need health insurance

Health insurance is an important aspect of our lives. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane. This underscores the importance of having some form of health insurance to protect yourself and your family.

Health insurance is important for every individual because: –

You cannot adequately predict what your medical expenses needs will be. By budgeting to spend a reasonable sum of money on purchasing health insurance you can easily predict and plan for your actual expense no matter what medical eventuality should befall you
No need to delay seeking urgent medical attention when you need it. Prudential will cover your expense
Access to quality medical treatment when you most need it at carefully selected health care providers
Your family depends on you; buying health insurance enables you concentrate on meeting other family needs with the peace of mind that the uncertainty caused by unforeseen medical needs is eliminated
Purchasing health insurance may actually protect your savings or future income from exposure. It ensures that you do not have to dip into your savings or take up an expensive loan to defray medical expenses. This protects your family’s financial future
Cashless treatment is provided over a panel of accredited healthcare providers, so you do not need to carry cash with you to the hospital
There are certain organisation’s that require their contractors to have health insurance before they can be considered for any contract award. By purchasing a health insurance policy from Prudential your chances of qualifying for such jobs is greatly enhanced.
Secure your family's financial needs with our insurance plans.

Our Health Insurance Products

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Key Benefits of Life Insurance Plans

When you get a Prudential life
insurance plan, you can be sure that:

At the expiry of the period for which you are were saving for, we will give you the money you have saved inclusive of bonuses.
Using the example of our Pru Edusave product, in the event of the untimely death or permanent disability of the parent, Prudential will pay 50 per cent of the Sum Assured for the child’s education, take on the responsibility of making the monthly contributions as well as pay the full maturity value at the expiry of the term.

How to choose Best Insurance Plan?

Write a list of all your current and future financial obligations
Select those obligations that are dependent entirely on your well-being
Choose a period for which you would like to purchase a life insurance policy for
Make sure you opt for an amount of monthly contributions that you can afford

Let us help you make
the right choice.

How to choose Best Insurance Plan?

You can learn more from our frequently asked questions

The cost of health insurance varies depending on the number and size of benefit options that you take up. Your age will also have a bearing on the cost; the older you are the more costly the insurance. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, this may also have a bearing on the overall premium that you will pay. We have put together a rack of premiums to guide and all that you have to do is provide the correct information that is requested for and decide which benefits options that you want and the size of those benefits. Our online tool will automatically calculate for you the premium (cost) that will be due from you.
A person can have more than one health insurance policy. However, in the event of a claim you do not benefit twice. What would happen is that each policy would contribute towards the expenses by sharing the cost collectively. Alternatively, if one insurance is insufficient to cater for a certain expense the other policy can step in to offset the shortfall.
We have a built in algorithm which assist you to establish the cost of the healthcare package that you would like to take. It’s pretty straight forward and allows you to build your package as you see fit. All that you need to do is to log onto our online portal and follow the steps
Members are eligible for cover right from birth after discharge from hospital cover can be effected after 14 days
A medical test or examination is not mandatory. However, based on the declarations made on the membership application form, Prudential may require that you carry out a prescribed regime of tests before your cover is confirmed or any other applicable terms imposed onto your policy.
Yes, you can purchase Prumed+ online

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