Whole Life

Pru Whole Life is a shilling denominated product that combines benefits of savings
and life insurance

Plan Overview

Pru Whole Life is a shilling denominated product that combines benefits of savings and life insurance
It provides for attractive annual bonus awards that will boost your final pay out.
It is ideal for family financial protection to provide for future living benefits to one’s beneficiaries when the breadwinner is not around to support his or her loved ones


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Benefits of Life Insurance Features Requirements

Whole Life Benefits

Death Benefits

In the unfortunate event of death, Prudential pays 50% on occurrence and 100% lumpsum at maturity

Key features of Life Policy – Whole Life

Entry age; minimum 18 years and maximum 60 years


Policy duration; minimum 5 years and maximum 20 years


Minimum premium Ugx 100,000


General Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a Life insurance policy is a contract between a policy holder & Insurer where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a lump sum upon happening of the insured event in exchange of regular premiums while Health medical insurance is a contract where the cost of medical treatment of the insured person is borne by the insurance company in exchange for a regular premium.
No, the mandatory medical tests initiated by the company are for cover that is beyond the medical limit to allow proper assessment of the risk the applicant possess. The findings will inform if the client is to be accepted at standard rates on pay more for the same cover.
Yes, the policy holder can change any aspect of his/her policy within 30 days from issuance. After which all factors are expected to remain the same unless the selected term of the policy allows for one to increase their premium and subsequently increase the benefit.

The cover ceases and nothing is payable to the client.

Prudential allows one to change the nominee/beneficiaries as many times as they prefer. We also recommend that you share details of existence of your insurance policy with them, so that in the occurrence of an insured event they can claim payable benefits.

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