Funeral Assurance


This policy provides Last Funeral Expense benefits due to loss of life from accident or natural causes. The benefit can be a cash incentive or an actual funeral service

Plan Overview

  • This product also known as last expenses is one that provides a fully-fledged funeral service by licensed funeral service professionals or an equivalent cash benefit incase a life assured pass on.
  • The lumpsum benefit is paid out should a claimable situation arise; the benefit can be paid to the next of kin or declared relatives of the deceased.

Key features of – Funeral Assurance

Cover Requirements

For Principal

Funeral Assurance Benefits

Annual Cover

The Policy is annual, as well as premiums paid annually


Takes a minimum of 20 principal Members.

Additional Or Standalone

Can be taken on as an additional rider or a standalone product

Service Or Cash Benefit

Benefit can be a service or cash payout

Dependants Are Allowed

Dependents can also be included under this scheme

Members Client Advice

Members can be added or removed as client may advise

General Funeral Assurance Frequently Asked Questions

Cover is immediately the client issues the relevant instructions
Clients Feedback

Our Clients Reviews

Thank you, Prudential, for your promptness on the Toll-free line and the WhatsApp group. Martha, Ritah and Elliot, thanks for the super work that you do.

    Immaculate Gonza.

    Centenary Bank.

    Am a service provider and I have worked with so many Insurance companies but by far “The Pru”, has proved to be very prompt when it comes to payment.

      Joel Oroni.

      IMC General Manager.

      Thank you Ritah for your kindness. You really helped me when I was stuck at Doctor's hospital Sseguku. May God reward you abundantly.

        Jacenta Ashaba

        Centenary Bank.

        Thank you Ritah! Thank you that you do not use automated machines, but we get to speak to people like you. We appreciate Prudential, you guys have come into the market with your new thing and it is good. Medical wise we are happy with Prudential!

          Julius Lubega.

          Centenary Bank

          Thank you, Prudential, for the birthday message, I also received messages for my dependants.

            Gertrude Nahabwa

            Centenary Bank

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