Pru Farewell Plan

The PruFarewell plan is a whole life policy with benefits paid on death only of the lives insured on the policy. This plan gives you peace of mind as you can give a befitting send off to your loved ones.

Plan Overview

It is a whole life assurance plan with benefits payable on death for any of the lives on cover..
The plan can be taken on an individual or family(group) cover basis.
The family definition has been extended to include spouse, children, parents and other extended family relations.
Minimum and maximum sums assured are UGX 1,000,000/= and 50,000,000/= respectively. These are applicable to the main member.
a. The spouse benefit can range from 50% -100% of the Principal Member Cover.
b. Children and Extended family members’ benefits are set at a maximum of 50% of the Principal Member cover.
With the exception of spouse, there is no limit to the number of additional family members provided there is proven insurable interest.
Minimum and maximum entry ages are 18 - 65 for the Principal Member and Spouse, 0 – 31 for children, 0 – 74 for Extended Family members.


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Benefits of Life Insurance Features

Pru Farewell Benefits

Death Benefit

In the event of natural death of any of the lives on cover, Prudential shall pay 100% of the sum assured subject to applicable waiting periods.


Accidental Death Benefit

In the event of accidental death of any of the lives on cover, Prudential shall pay 200% of the sum assured. This benefit is not subject to a waiting period.


No Claim Cashback

20% of the annual premiums paid will be refunded to the client provided the policy is In Force and no claim has been made. This benefit is payable every three years.


No Lapse Feature

Provided the policy has been In Force for the first two years(24 months) with full premium payment, the policy never lapses thereafter. Benefits payable will be pro rated at the point of claim.

Key features of – Pru Farewell Plan

Entry age; Principal or Spouse: 18 - 65 years, Children: 0 - 31 years, Extended Family: 0 - 74 years


Waiting Period; 3 months for Policy Commencement and Reinstatement for Principal, Spouse and Children. 6 months for extended family!


Sum Assured; Principal Member's minimum sum assured 1M, Maximum: 50M


General Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

To have an increasing sum assured, please purchase the escalation rider. For an additional premium on this rider, your sum assured will compound by a fixed rate on an annual basis.
The policy will pay out the indicated sum assured on the policy for the deceased member. Subsequent premiums will reduce by the life dropping off cover.
Yes. The main member can remove any of the lives covered in the policy. Premium payable will reduce by the amount that was charged on the life/lives removed.
If the main member dies, then the policy may be continued by transferring policy ownership to the spouse. Otherwise, the main member benefits are paid out and policy closed.
The sum assured increase will cease.
The policy offers no bonuses.
Yes. The principal member will determine the applicable covers for the other life assureds. However, if this rider is not selected by the principal on their cover, none of the other lives assured can have it.
The child will stay on the policy provided the principal can still afford the premium payment.
All benefits cease. However, there’s no premium refund.
Benefits payable beyond 24 months will be prorated on a premium paid and duration basis at the point of claim.
This rider can only be taken up at policy commencement.
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