Policy Reinstatement

Policy Reinstatement Guidelines

Policy Reinstatement is process of reviving a lapsed policy to re-activate the applicable benefits/cover.

  • All efforts should be made to have the policy reinstated as soon as it falls out of the grace period and not exceeding outstanding period of 24 months.
  • A Policy which falls in lapse for more than 24 months cannot be reinstated.
  • For a lapsed policy to be reinstated, all outstanding premiums should be paid as a lumpsum. This strictly applies to clients whose policy has lapsed for 24months or less
  • Where the client is unable to pay a lumpsum, the client must pay the outstanding premiums to put the policy back in grace.
  • For a policy to be reinstated, the client is required to fill a declaration of good health form, share the proof of premium payment, and a filled declaration form to customercare@prudential.ug for review upon which confirmation of reinstatement will be communicated to the client.
  • Where the above guidelines are not followed, any premiums received from the client while the policy was lapsed are refundable.
  • Where a client reinstates the policy and immediately surrenders, no bonus shall be allocated in the period in which the policy had been in lapse.
  • It is important to note that any policy that flows into lapse is automatically cancelled and ceases to be of any effect. Such policy can be reinstated in accordance with the above guidelines.


  1. Can I pay the outstanding amount in instalments? Clients may Reinstate their Policy to in force by premium the outstanding premium in one instalment. (Lumpsum Payment).

  2. What time frame is given to start paying Arrears to reinstate a policy? Clients are encouraged to reinstate their policies as soon as they fall outside the grace period stated in the policy document.

  3. At what point am I unable to reinstate my policy? Clients are encouraged to reinstate their policies as soon as they fall outside the grace period. Any policy which is outstanding more than 24 Months cannot be reinstated.

  4. Will my premiums be refunded now that my policy cannot be reinstated? All premiums received from the date of lapse are refundable.

  5. For those with multiple policies, can premiums on lapsed policy that does not qualify for reinstatement be merged with one that qualifies? Each Policy will be treated separately, Premiums on lapsed policy can therefore not be merged with another policy.

  6. Does a lapsed policy with 3 years premium paid automatically go into paid up policy? A policy which has attained a paid-up Value does not lapse, The Policy status for these policies is referred to as Paid Up (Paid upvalue an amount re-calculated from your initial sum assured to a new sum assured for paid premiums (3yrs and above) and earned bonuses. This way, your policy continues running till maturity, but Prudential does not collect any further premiums. We allocate any additional bonuses as they are declared yearly. In the event of death or total permanent disability, 50% of the new sum assured is paid immediately, then at the end of the policy term, Prudential shall pay the full new sum assured plus accrued bonuses.

  7. If my policy acquires Paid Up value and I stopped paying premiums,do Iacquire yearly bonuses even without having paid for that year …? A Policy acquires bonuses on the paid-up Value. Note however that benefits on a paid-up Policy will be adjusted to the premiums paid.

  8. Why is the Declaration of Good Health form required and who is mandated to fill it in? The declaration of good health form is used to assess the risk profile of the client at the time of reinstatement and forms the basis for the reinstatement decision. The form should be filled by a client who is seeking to have their policy reinstated.

  9. Did Prudential give any special consideration to clients who had policies but were totally affected by covid? Absolutely! Prudential has stood with clients in many ways during one of which is increasing the maximum period allowable for reinstatement from 12 months to 24 months. Clients are encouraged to pay premiums timely to avoid falling off cover and losing their policy benefits.

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