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Prudential Best HR Practices Survey 2021

Prudential Uganda and PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited (PwC) has launched the Prudential Best HR Practices Survey 2021, which seeks to highlight key opportunities as well as share best employment practices and recognise organisations that are championing best employment practices in the country.

This initiative is being held in partnership with the Uganda Investment Authority, Human Capital International, Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU), and the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE).

The insights obtained from this survey will be analysed by PwC to give valuable information to employers and HR Managers on the most compelling trends under the different thematic areas at the heart of outstanding human capital and talent management strategies in 2021 and beyond.

Following the publication of results of the survey, an awards gala will be held to recognise and appreciate the employers with best HR practices. Participating organisations will also receive a copy of the Prudential Best HR Practices Survey 2021 to help improve their HR practices if they so wish.

All employers / HR managers are invited to share the survey with their staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this survey about?

Today’s work environment has evolved significantly, the digital era of remote working is a reality all employers have quickly adapted to. The challenge is to create an environment that enables a culture of connection, collaboration and trust to ensure that those employees feel inspired and empowered to perform to the best of their abilities.

The objective is to use the survey findings to share new as well as best HR practices among employers and organisation on issues that a very critical to the employees in the workplace such as: skills development, change management, employee well-being and wellness, leadership development, mentoring, performance management, reward and remuneration, diversity and inclusion, employee empowerment among many others.

How will the survey be carried out?

The survey will be done electronically or online by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Participating companies will be sent an electronic link to the survey that will be shared with all their employees.

The employees will answer a set of questions on 10 different thematic areas, and they will respond to these questions by selecting the most appropriate answer to how their organisations are doing in these thematic areas. The responses will go directly to PwC.

Who is eligible to participate?

All employers, companies, and organisations that employ people in Uganda are eligible to participate and it is absolutely free.

Why should my organisation participate in this survey?

The survey gives every employer an opportunity for their employees to be advocates and champions of all the good things the company is doing under all the ten (10) different thematic areas. It is also a great opportunity for every employer to benchmark their employment practices with peers in the market, as well as in specific industry sector.

Every employer who participates in the survey will receive:
(1) A copy of the Prudential Best HR Practices Survey 2021 report
(2) An opportunity for your organisation’s survey results to be analysed further with comparatives and benchmarking with peers in your industry sector
(3)An invitation to the Prudential Best HR Practices Survey 2021 Gala Dinner to launch the results of the survey
(4) An opportunity for your organisation to be recognised among your peers, as leading in best practice in any one of the ten (10) thematic areas as rated by your employees

How long will the survey take?

It will last six weeks, starting on 20 September 2021 and closing on 31 October 2021

How does my organisation participate?

Your organisation can participate by following and sharing with your employees this Link